Personal Trainer in Churchtown Village in South Dublin

One-to-One or 1-2-1 Personal Training in South Dublin

Team up with your own personal trainer, who creates with you a program or routine that focuses on you needs, goals and objectives.

This might be for e.g. Toning Up, Weight Loss, Strength Gain or Getting Fitter.

We go through in initial consultation with you to identify your specific goals and needs and keep track of progress over time. This might could be through regular measurements e.g. weight, circumferences, body-fat, time needed to cover a certain distance, ability to use certain weights for specific exercises, flexibility tests etc.

The training session can also include:
1. Diet and Nutrition Advice
2. Goal Setting Advice
3. Time Management Tip and Tricks
4. Self Management Advice
5. Motivational Techniques via
__ e.g. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming etc.

Contact us today, so we can help and assist you to succeed.