Amazon Fitness Health and Diet, Nutrition Books Shop Boo DVD CD Fitness Exercise Sport Pilates Kettlebell Recommendation by Martin Luschin Fitnecise Studio in South Dublin Ireland ChurchtownFind below various Books and DVDs that I recommend.Topics include Fitness , Exercise, Time Management/Self Management (often relevant for our Personal Training Clients), Pilates (Pilates for Men), Pilates for Sport e.g. Golf, Running, Horse Riding, Prenatal Fitness, Pilates Rings, Foam Rollers and other relevant books e.g. Tim Ferris4 Hour Work Week“, “4 Hour Body” and “4 Hour Chef“. The last one is about effective and efficient Learning “and” Cooking, as well as topics that I’m generally interested and books that I would recommend on topics like Mind Mapping, Lateral Thinking, and Creativity.
__ Martin – Owner, Manager Fitnecise Studio
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