Pilates Class – Feedback in South Dublin, Ireland, Churchtown – Thanks M

Pilates Kettlebell Weight Loss Toning Fitness Classes Feedback, Review from our client - in South Dublin, Fitnecise Studios, Churchtown, Dublin 14

I just got the following class review and feedback from a Pilates Class participant via our Online Class Booking System for our fitness classes in our south Dublin based, Fitnecise Studios.

Reading this makes it all worth while, 12 years of building up relationships with fellow Kettlebell, Pilates, Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers, Fitness Professional, Class Participants, working  long hours / weekends, when others are long at home – persistence pays off – no doubt.

Keep this in mind when things get tough, sticking to your dreams and pursuing your goals and ambitions. This might  be in the area of fitness, health, work or relationships  …
1. Persistence
2. Perseverance
4. Knowing your goals
5. Reviewing your goals regularly, at fixed days of the week or month
6. Creating Accountability Relation-ships

It will pay off if you stick with it.

Thanks again and best of luck and success with your Fitness, Health Ambitions !

Owner Fitnecise Studios

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