Yoga for Sport Folks or “Athletes” starts 6.15pm 5th September 2013

Nic from “Yoga with Nic” will start her “Yoga for Athletes” Classes in our Fitnecise Studio – Thursday 5th September 2013 6.15pm-7.30pm.
Why should I do Sport Specific Yoga? You might ask?

Here  some possible reasoYoga for Sport Folks Athletes - Sport Specific Yoga in South Dublin 14 16 Churchotwn Fitnecise Studio Ireland with Nicole Borkns and benefits for doing Yoga:

  1. Increases movement efficiency and strength
  2. Improves balance, flexibility & functional stability
  3. Injury Prevention
  4. Increases agility
  5. Maximises output through optimised alignment
  6. Greater Control with dynamic movement
  7. Intensifies focus & heightens Co-ordination
  8. Maximizes ability to control heart rate through conscious breathing
  9. Enhances body awareness
  10. Minimizes performance nerves
  11. Raises awareness of the Mind, Body, Spirit connection
  12. Maximises recovery
  13. Reduces stress & Improves relaxation

Be quick to secure your spot!
Call Nic at 087-0573975 for more information.

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