Join us in 2015 Pilates and Kettlebell Classes, to get Fitter Timmer & Slimmer in South Dublin in Churchtown Village, D14

You can Tone-You, Lose Weight, Get Fit in 2015
with our Fitness Classes in Dublin 14.

Improve your fitness with our wide range of Pilates and Kettlebell Class
es that take place throughout the week, including morning and evening classes. We are in business since 2002, meaning you can avail of over 12 years experience in the fitness industry in Dublin and over 24 years of active involvement in various sports e.g. Long Distance Running, Triathlon, Track & Field, Kettlebells, Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates.

Come along to try our classes and learn all about e.g. Kettlebells, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Circuit Training etc. … to boost you energy, health and general fitness. Our classes are open to all ages (16 to …. I let you decide – we have class participants in our morning fitness classes that are in their 70s and some are even in their early 80s, those individuals are an inspiration for all of us here in the Fitnecise Studios).

*Make 2015 your Fitness & Health Year !*

2015 Pilates Kettlebell Fitness Exercise Classes HIIT Circuit Training in South Dublin with Martin Luschin

Let us motivate, inspire and courage you – so you can succeed !

You can choose between the following types of exercise classes to get fit:
1.1 Pilates  Beginners Level Classes
1.2. Pilates Intermediate Level Classes
1.3. Pilates Advanced Level Classes
1.4. Pilates – Small equipment based classes – e.g. Pilates Rings, Foamrollers,
Pilates Balls, Resitance Bands etc..
2.1 Kettlebell Classes – Introduction, Beginners – Level 1 Classes
2.2 Kettlebell Classes – Level 2 – Progression Classes
2.3 NEW – Open Kettlebell Classes 12pm-2pm – Coming soon in 2015
3. Ashtanga Yoga Classes
4. Prenatal – Pregnancy Pilates Classes
5. Over 60s Fitness and Pilates Classes
6. Mens Pilates & Core Strength / Conditioning Classes
7. NEW Mindfulness & Movement Class with Dagmara.

Find a full Fitness & Exercise Class Timetable here.

Yours in Health and Fitness
_ Martin

E-mail or call us for further information.

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