5 Sample Exercises – Men Only Core Strength Pilates Combination Class in South Dublin

In the videos below I demonstrate “5 Sample – Pilates and Core Strength Exercises”. I use those and similar exercises during my – Men Only Core Strength – Pilates – Flexibility Combination Classes in South Dublin.

These classes are specifically designed for Men and consists of:

1. Abdominal and Back Strengthening Exercises
2. Flexibility and Stretching Moves
3. Mobility Exercises

I combine traditional Pilates exercises and various Gym, Fitness Centre based Core Strength and Back Strength exercises, additionally I add more stretching and flexibility work into the men only classes, as most men lack flexibility. Doing regular flexibility work will help you to prevent injuries and recover quicker from a possible injury.

Classes take place in our Fitnecise Studio – Unit F1 – in South Dublin, Nutgrove Office Park, behind the new Lidl where Home Base used to be:
1. Monday Evening 8.30pm-9.30pm
__Level 2 – Progression Class
__for those who have done Level 1 before for one or possibly two courses
2. Wednesday Evening 8.30pm-9.30pm
__Level 1 – Beginners Class
__for those who didn’t do Pilates or similar Core Work before




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