Men Only – Core Strength – Pilates – Flexibility Class in South Dublin 12th 14th March

Pilates Foam Roller used during our Men Only Core Strength Pilates Classes in South Dublin Fitnecise Studio - MartinMen Only Core Strength Pilates Flexibility Classes in South Dublin Ireand Classes taught by male instructorWe are restarting our Men Only Pilates, Core Strength and Flexibility Combination class 12th and 14th March 2012

The classes combine:
1. Core Strength Exercises e.g. variations of Planks, Side Bends, Back Extensions etc.
2. Pilates Exercises e.g. Hundred, Scissors, Leg Lifts, Roll Up, Roll Back, The Crab, Shoulder Bridge etc.
3. Flexibility – Stretching
I incorporate various stretches into the class for e.g. hamstrings – lower and mid back, the shoulder, neck area etc.. You learn how to stretch in an effective and efficient way, loosen muscles via a foam roller (see picture above), release tension via the use of e.g. a tennis ball and various other small equipment.

A lot of men lack flexibility and mobility, carry tension in the shoulder, neck and lower back area, which occasionally prevents them from performing daily activity due to pain and discomfort.

Individuals who are involved in sport, especially competitive sport should do a regular core strength, flexibility and mobility routine to prevent injuries or speed up recover.

Men only classes take place Monday 8.30pm and Wednesday 8.30pm in the Fitnecise Studio, Dublin 14, Nutgrove Office Park – Unit F1.

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