Kettlebell Class Feedback in South Dublin, Churchtown, Dublin 14 – Thanks M

Read below another – Kettlebell Class Review – from one of our regular class participants. Comments and feedback like this make it all worthwhile so much more, helping and assisting others to achieve their fitness, exercises and health goals. I still think changing
career in 2002 from IT/Computer to the health and fitness industry was worth it and the right thing to do.

Also a BIG THANK – YOU to all our regular class participants who help to create a welcoming atmosphere for those who just  join.


The Kettle Bells classes are great. They are only 45 minutes but they are intensive and Martin pushes us more than you would ever possibly manage on your own. I like the variety too, no chance to get bored. There is lots of attention to safety too, which is very important. I also like the fact that the classes are local to me, in Churchtown, which is about 5 minutes from my house. It’s also a very friendly studio. I’ve been to fitness classes in the city centre where no one says hello to you. Here, people introduce themselves and make you feel welcome. That for me is priceless.
Mary R. , Dublin Ireland
9 June 2014

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