Dublin Pilates Classes restart 24th/25th June and 2nd/3rd July 2014 in D14, Churchtown

Our Pilates Classes in our South Dublin, D14 based Fitnecise Studio restart late June and early July 2014.

We offer a wide range of morning and evening mat based Pilates Classes and use various small Pilates equipment i.e. Beginners Pilates, Intermediate Pilates, Advanced Pilates, Prenatal/Pregnancy Pilates, Men Only Pilates and Core Conditioning.

Our morning Pilates, Weight Loss, Toning and Kettlebell Classes are ongoing and don’t have a fixed start or end date. You can join those classes anytime, availability allowing.

We use the following Pilates and Fitness equipment:
1. Pilates Rings
2. Foam Rollers
3. Spiky Balls
4. Pilates/Gym or sometimes classes Swiss Balls
5. Gymsticks
6. Small Hand-weights
7. Resistance Bands

Here the Evening Pilates Class starting dates for each class:
1. Tuesday 6pm – 24th  June 2014 – Intermediate to Advanced Pilates with Martin
2. Tuesday 7.15pm –  24th June 2014 – Beginners Progression Pilates with Martin
3. Tuesday 8.30pm – 24th June 2014 – Intermediate Pilates with Martin
4. Wednesday 6pm – 25th June 2014 – Intermediate Pilates with Karen
5. Wednesday 7pm – 9th July 2014 – Prenatal Pilates with Martin
6. Wednesday 7.15pm – 2nd July 2014 – Men’s Pilates, Core Conditioning, Flexibility Martin
7. Wednesday 7pm – 9th July 2014 – Prenatal Pilates with Martin
8. Wednesday 8.30pm – 2nd July 2014 – Beginners Pilates with Veronika

Yours in Health and Fitness
_ Martin

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