New September 2014 Pilates, Kettlebell and other Fitness Classes start in two weeks time in South Dublin, D14

Our September Fitness Classes restart during the week of Monday 1st September 2014 in our South Dublin based Studio. 
Join most classes anytime !

Our team of fitness instructors offers the following types of classes.
All instructors are qualified and fully insured and have a
total 24 years (12 + 5 + 4 + 2 + 1) of teaching experience.

  • Morning Fitness Classes in South Dublin Exercise, Fitness Class Timetable
    1. Kettlebell Fitness and Toning Classes
    2. Introduction, Basics Kettlebell Classes
    3. OVER 60s Fitness and Pilates Classes
    4. Pilates Beginners Classes
    5. Pilates Intermediate Classes
    6. Pilates Advanced Classes
    7. Small Equipment Pilates Classes
      (Pilates – Fit Circles, Foam Rollers, small Hand Weights,  Gymsticks, Pilates – Swiss Balls etc.)
    8. Tai Chi Classes
  • Evening Fitness Classes in South Dublin Exercise, Fitness Class Timetable
    1. Prenatal – Pregnancy and Maternity Pilates Classes
    2. Men Only Pilates and Core Strength Classes
    3. Kids and Adult Capoeira Classes
      (Brazilian Martial Art, Dance, Music, Self-defense)
    4. Kettlebell Fitness and Toning Classes
    5. Kettlebell Introduction, Basics Classes
    6. Pilaltes Beginners Classes
    7. Pilates Intermediate Classes
    8. Pilates Advanced Classes
  • Weekend, Saturday Fitness Classes in South Dublin Exercise, Fitness Class Timetable
    1. Pilates Classes
    2. (we plan to run Saturday Kettlebell Classes later in the year).

Find a full fitness and exercises class timetable for Dublin 14, Churchtown Fitnecise Studio here.

Our team consists of the following Class Instructors:

  1. Martin Luschin (Owner, Manger – Fitness, Kettlebell, Pilates, Spin Instructor, Personal Trainer since 2002)
  2. Karen Watkins ( Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor)
  3. Dagmara Jerzak (Pilates Instructor, Dance Artist, Choreographer)
  4. Veronika (Pilates Instructor)
  5. Barry Kirwan (Physical Therapist, Tai Chi Instructor)
  6. Francisco / Mamaozinho (Capoeira – Brazilian Martial Arts Instructor)
  7. Yang Dong (Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor, 8th Generation Shalin Fo Han practitioner).
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