Paleo Diet (Caveman Diet) vs. Slow Carb Diet “Tim Ferris – The 4 Hour Body” my experience over the last 4-5 months.

Paleo Diet ? I didn’t know that I’m kind of following this diet for the last few months – listen to Shawna explaining what the Paleo Diet is from her point of view.

Very similar to what Time Ferris in “The 4 Hour Body” book recommends.

Do you have any experiences with the “Paleo Diet” or the “Slow Carb Diet”? If so let me know – good or bad – either way.

I bought Tim’s his book about four months back and follow what he calls the “Slow Carb” diet since then (without his Off-Day).

The “Slow Carb” diet focuses on lots and lots of different kind of veg and various sources of protein, mainly eggs, poultry, fish and red meat if you want. It excludes fruit nearly completely, which was a big change for me having munched away lot of bananas, apples, kiwis etc. in the past.

The Slow Carb diet includes also an “Off Day” where you can eat like a pig, literally anything you like and as much as you like – sweets, take-aways, cakes, fries, etc. :-) :-)

It definitely worked for me. I didn’t measure my body fat but, you can recognize physical changed.

I changed the timing of my food intake only slightly, following Tim’s MED (Minimum Effort Dose – principle) e.g. 20-30g of protein within 30min of waking up, plus a big scoop of almond butter and some fax seed oil before going to bed.
The almond butter and fax seed oil stopped me from waking up in the mornings and feeling I’m absolutely ravenous, I was starving – that’s gone.

A capsule of 250mg of (magnesium, calcium) before going to bed helped me also to deepen my self and feel more rested after waking up, I slept rather deep anyway but I recognize further improvements.

My weekly exercise regime didn’t change at all – 2-3 Kettlebell – Body Weight Exercise Sessions (of 45-60mins), teaching 2 Bootcamp classes (where I folks definitely  work more than me), 2 Men Only Core Strength / Pilates classes plus 5-6 general Pilates (Beginners to Advanced) classes per week – I do probably 70-80% of the exercises myself when teaching the Pilates / Core Strength Classes.

You can definitely see physical adjustments, in terms of body fat loss around the abs, core, mid section and a bit more definition around the chest, arms and biceps.

I also increased the intensity of my Kettlebell – Body Weight Exercise as much as I could, focussing mainly on compound – multi joint exercises.

All this is a rather simple – smallish changed that don’t require much time, it’s all developing the discipline, commitment, getting into routines and habit.

Focus on the small changes that create most improvements. I strongly believe that everybody has to try different things and see if it works for him/her, as we are all different and react to different exercise programmes and diet regimes in different ways.

I can only recommend to give the Slow Carb Diet a go – if it doesn’t work, go back to your previous way of eating –if it works Happy Days.

There are a good few other interesting chapters in Tim Ferris’s book in terms of sleep quality improvement, strength gain, injury treatment / prevention, body fat loss, body composition changes etc etc. It’s definitely worth getting the book, even if you find only 4-5 things that work for you.


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